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Conversation: a Haiku

We keep hearing of how important it is to pay attention to body language, to make eye contact, to use and observe non-verbal clues for effective communication. We’re told how it is not just the words that we use but all the other signs our bodies display that make a conversation meaningful.

This is especially true for love…the words ‘I Love You’ are empty and meaningless if there are no actions to supplement the words, or if the follow through is antithetical to the concept of love.

Here’s a Haiku that, I hope, conveys what I’m trying to say in a better way…

Speak to me of love
let your eyes, your lips, your touch
do all the talking

crop hands of anonymous multiethnic couple touching hands in light studio
Photo by Pân Alves on Pexels.com

Tell me what you think.
Do you notice when people say things that don’t resonate with what their bodies are showing you?

InVerse Medicine : or : using poetry to enhance communication, empathy, & patient-centered care

I’m so happy that my book is ready to share with the world. I’ve compiled all the health-care-related poems I’ve ever written and they are now available in one volume.

The poems cover all sorts of issues around the provider-patient relationship – like end of life, autonomy, surrogate decision-making, suicide, cancer, dementia, caregiving, communication, empathy, diversity, disability, patient-centered care and so on.

Here’s the cover…

…and, here’s the blurb:

The poems contained in this volume are conversations we could easily overlook in our rush to provide care.

Through poetry, I explore what it really means to be sick, and what it means to be a provider, or a caregiver.

These poems are for people who have ever been unwell, and for those who have never been sick; for people who love poetry, and for those who wonder and doubt; for people who think the healthcare system is fatally flawed, and for those who serve in the system with dedication and love.

The book is for learners of the healthcare professions, just as much as it is for teachers and practitioners.

These poems are for you…

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Have you experienced any of the issues portrayed in the poems?

Don’t forget to let me know if any of the poems resonated with you.

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