Tag: Alone

Walled in, Left out – a Poem

There is a cost to every decision we make – there is gain, but also loss. How we find balance depends on factors that are different for all of us…

this Beleaguered heart
Bitter walls
of Hostile Disdain

Floundering in
Deep oceans
of the Darkest Despair

Did I save my barely beating heart only to lose my soul?

Images courtesy Lukas (Cracked Stone) and Engin Akyurt (Silhouette Photo of Woman) on Pexels.com

If Silence could Speak – a poem

The silence
speaks to me
of things long gone
of times past recalling
of words spoken in a careless rush
to win, to hurt, to acquire

Aloud, so loud
the silence hurts my heart
it rakes its unforgiving nails
down an aching void
of regret and yearning
that drips down my face

Those banshee wails?
Is that the silence
full-throated in its censure?
Or is that me
calling for you?

pensive female standing near window in dark room
Photo by Ekaterina on Pexels.com