Month: March 2022

War: a #poem

Is it greed;
a hunger for power;
hatred for humankind
and for every living being?
How is war ever an answer to anything?
How can war answer the questions of food security, and health, and happiness, and shelter for all the creatures on this planet?

Tanks trundle down blameless streets;
merciless feet march ever onward
trampling the fruit of other men’s labor;
the blood flows rich red, quenching nobody’s thirst;
war changes everything – everybody loses – and still…
yet another president reaches for the bugle

steel metallic copper shoot
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Healing #Haikus

These Haikus are about the power of Nature to help us find solace in a world gone crazy.

Heartsick, I espy
golden rays through lush foliage
…Spring’s cure for angst

tree with brunch and green leaves during sunset
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– and later that day –

Moonlight, clouds, and stars…
such flirts – shimmying expertly
to ancient rhythms

starry sky at sunset over mountains
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