Month: September 2021

If Silence could Speak – a poem

The silence
speaks to me
of things long gone
of times past recalling
of words spoken in a careless rush
to win, to hurt, to acquire

Aloud, so loud
the silence hurts my heart
it rakes its unforgiving nails
down an aching void
of regret and yearning
that drips down my face

Those banshee wails?
Is that the silence
full-throated in its censure?
Or is that me
calling for you?

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#Review for InVerse Medicine from 4767 miles away #PoetryCommunity

A reader from the United Kingdom made my day by leaving a lovely review for my book of poems on Amazon.

Do you review every book you read?

I can imagine how arduous and time consuming that could get if you read a LOT, but do consider reviewing the books you really enjoy or those that move you in a meaningful way.

It makes a world of a difference to the author…

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Making time for joy

Always so busy, rushing from one thing to another,
when will we ever find the time to just be?

Make every second count, I’m told…

I do
until the clock winds down
and stops…

and I pause
and draw breath
and dream
and think
and smile
and love
and be…

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