Where is the real me? – a poem

Who am I, really, when no one is looking?

Who am I when I am alone?

Am I one thing or am I many – so many that even I don’t know the pieces of the puzzle that comprise me?

jigsaw puzzle
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I’m looking for me
in a churning, shimmering ocean
of illusions and mirrors…

Distracted, disoriented,
I settle on a mirage of me
that’s a beguiling chimera…

Dazzled, deluded,
I misguidedly cling to
the me that I’m not…

Too late, I discover
that I let go of the pieces
that authenticate me…

I am forever cast away
in the waters of inattention
…I’m adrift at sea…

woman sitting on the floor covered in shadow
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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